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Whether you’re a regular gym bunny maintaining fitness or just starting out on the road to a healthier you, TLA Bootcamps will help you achieve your goals and feel the benefits. Enjoy your exercise in the scenic public parks and open spaces of Oxford and the surrounding area.

Each 60-minute session has a wide range of exercises and activities for all abilities, from fat burning and toning to core strength and overall body conditioning. Our constant encouragement and motivation will help you have fun, stay interested and get the very best out of your workout.

No two classes are ever the same to ensure that whether you want to get fit, lose weight, tone up or simply maintain your fitness, working with TLA is an exhilarating way to succeed.

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TLA Studio

Our HQ is based in Sunningwell, Oxon. The TLA studio runs regular classes daily, take a look at our membership options to find one that suits you!

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If you would like to get in touch to talk about any of TLA fitnesses services then please use one of the below methods:

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