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Abingdon School"Abingdon School Cross Country Club hired the services of Heather Grimes as part of TLA Fitness, based in Sunningwell, from September 2015 until March 2016 in order for our runners to best prepare for their race season which spanned from January to March 2016.

The brief, and indeed our hope, was to create the strongest possible athletes from a squad of 12 boys their ages ranging from 14 to 18. Heather did an amazing job, engaging every single boy during each weekly session addressing both their individual needs and the needs of the team. Carefully crafted workouts included core strength, kettle bells and classic Romanian deadlifts.

The repertoire was varied enough for the boys to experience a range of exercises but also focussed enough so that they were able to see how their bodies responded to increasing the weight lifted each week. The results were quite spectacular: the boys experienced far better and stronger biomechanics and range of movement but importantly their strength increased dramatically which led to a zero incidence of injury and some spectacular race results.

The important aspect for me as a coach was that the boys loved her workouts, her positive and inspiring approach and her calm demeanour. Her instruction is something that boys will carry with them into the future because they learned about the importance of a holistic approach to training and competitive running in particular. Heather did an amazing job and our runners loved every single session..."

Alexis Christodoulou


Adrian and Gemma & familyAdrian and Gemma & family"We completed our first session with TLA knowing that we were about to become healthier, stronger and faster than ever before. Three years have passed and TLA has rightfully become a part of our lives. Tom and his team have not only motivated us to stay fit but also inspire us to try new challenges from marathon swims and long distance hill races to yoga sessions and regular family runs.

A variety of locations and timings mean we rarely have an excuse not to join one of the classes! The TLA community has a family appeal that has encouraged our young children to try new pursuits: Stand Up Paddle boarding and Parkrun to name only two!

We have made many great friends since we began training with TLA and the legendary social events are not to be missed!"


Adrian and Gemma


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