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Latest news from TLA Fitness!


Into the Wild with TLA in the Pyrenees!

Adventure into the wild with TLA this coming May....

During the formation of TLA Fitness, it's been clear that one of the areas that is enjoyed most by our clients is that of training with like minded people outdoors! Getting outdoors, being active and really engaging with the surroundings is something we all love to do! So... I have decided to gather interest on who would be up for a 4 day, 3 night (Fri-Mon) Adventure Hike into the wild to spend an amazing night camping under the stars in the beautiful Pyrenees in the south of France, based at the picturesque Chateau de Gere! There will of course be challenge, team camaraderie, adventure, great food, excellent instruction and time to switch off in the wild and discover new skills.

Who is this suitable for? If you are interested in the above and below and it grabs your attention then it's most likely for you. Being a firm believer in setting a goal or having a target then this offers exactly that. Living on what you carry on your back and being in and among one of the most scenic mountain ranges, being at the forefront of nature, exploring and giving yourself that all important head space, meeting others and striking new relationships is part of the fun and excitement that this trip will bring to you.

The weekend itinerary:

Friday: Afternoon arrival at Lourdes airport - Transit to Chateau de Gere - Evening meal + Kit issue & Kit preparation

Saturday: Breakfast at Chateau - Kit inspection - Transit to start point, Lac de Bious Artigues - Hike - Set up camp at Lac de Peyreget - Camp routine/Dinner/Bushcraft 

Sunday: Breakfast at camp-site - Strike camp - Circuit of Pic de Midi d'Ossau - Arrive back at transport (Lac de Bious-Artigues) rtn to Chateau de Gere - Free time(swim, massage, relax) - Dinner-BBQ at chateau

Monday: Breakfast served at chateau - Team Games - Trip to local town for coffee/crepes/souvenirs - Transport leaves for Lourdes airport

Cost would be £499 per person (all inclusive) + flights (not included).Additional activities can be arranged during the hike also at a small additional cost Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Tyrolean Traverse, Survival Training.

The dates in which I am looking to explore are: either 11th-14th May OR 25th-28th May (BH weekend), please do email your preferred dates.

If you would genuinely be interested please email Tom on '' and I will keep you posted.

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Did you know on average we spend 150 minutes EACH DAY with our heads down on our phones in some way, shape or form, so wouldn't 30 minutes of quality exercises be far better.......? The answer, ABSOLUTELY! Read on....

BOX & BELL in just 30minutes - Drop in PT offer

The perfect solution once you've finished your shopping, or dropped the kids off at school, or even fitting it into your lunch break!

During November & December, TLA's very own Tony will be offering 30 minute 1:1 Boxing or Kettlebell sessions for only £20 per session. These can be arranged directly by messaging Tony on 07484 874561 or emailing: You will need to give a bit of notice so we do ask for at least 2-3 hours notice and Tony will get back to you. This is only valid on Mondays & Tuesdays. 

'Click here to share this with a friend or why not get a small group together?'


Training hard....? Now recover with a Massage :)

Fact, we do not look after our bodies enough...! We run/bike/walk/play sports/attend classes/work very busy weeks but when do we really give ourselves that recovery/rest/break/relaxation time...?

This is now on your TLA can now finally have a relaxing massage to end or start your week. The TLA Fitness Studio has now a specially designed sports therapy and massage area which is fully equipped to treat/fix/relax/tape and relieve your muscles. Pollyanna is TLA's resident Sports Therapist and Masseur. Bringing a world of knowledge and experience along with her. Pollyanna has treated many TLA clients so far and has received first class feedback. 
Bookings are available by emailing directly to '' or text/call 07988 899427.

TLA Membership offer: All treatments booked before 20th November 2017 will receive a 10% discount off your first massage or treatment.




Introducing Jim Thorn

Jim is the most recent TLA instructor and brings a world of knowledge and experience to the TLA team. A through and through explorer. Jim is a former Royal Marine, having served across the globe in various roles.

He has a BSc degree in Sports Science 1990-1994 and has completed Rowing Instructors courses, Royal Marines Military Ski and PTI courses to name just a few. Jim has a highly sought-after skill set which is often hard to come by!




Sunningwell Traffic Warning:

Please note the centre of Sunningwell is due for some major roadworks over the next few weeks - along Sunningwell Road, from Dark Lane right along to the The flowing Well will be access only for residents during that time. So access to The TLA Studio will not be possible from the Wootton Road / Long Furlong direction. Please plan a few minutes extra when heading to The TLA Studio.


Stay tuned for next weeks newsletter

Into the Wild with TLA in the Pyrenees!

Have a great week!
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Autumn training tips....

Autumn is upon us, but don't be SAD and don't let your training fall with the leaves! Below are TLA's 3 Autumn Kit Tips to put a smile on your face and give you a good excuse to go any buy yourself some training goodies!

The daylight is becoming noticeably shorter so please be aware of this when you’re out and about training on your own! I have seen numerous runners and cyclists the past 3-4 weeks with nil visibility - NOT cool. High vis + lights are a very good/safe idea.

Three Autumn Kit Tips:

1. Check out your Autumn/Winter wardrobe
Is all last years kit still fine? Or does it need one or two additions? If you are new to bootcamps or outdoor training and want to keep them going through the autumn and winter months, as it gets cooler in the mornings and evenings, you will need to put on an extra layer. Layers can always be secured in the instructor's  vehicle during TLA classes (TLA Bootcamps).

2. Remember the accessories
On colder mornings or evenings, those first few minutes when you get out of the door are when you will feel the chill. Lightweight hat and gloves will help you cope with this particularly if your hands end up on frozen ground!

3. Are you visible? Head torches for Sunningwell Bootcamp please!
With the shortening days, just make sure you are safe. There are so many hi-vis tops and jackets out there so don't think you'll be looking silly by wearing one and also head torches to help you see and be seen. TLA's Sunningwell Bootcamp always requires you to bring along a head torch, please don't forget it!


New Pilates class starting 6th November 2017 at 10:05am

Absolutely correct, our super Pilates instructor Pollyanna will be starting a second Pure Pilates class on Monday 6th November at 10:05am. Class location will be Sunningwell Village Hall, Sunningwell Village. The class will cater for Beginners and Intermediate standards and is open to all ages.
Signing up is very important, like all our TLA classes, as we do have a maximum number. Please email: to book and secure you place for this exciting new class.

Friday 8th December at 7pm
@ The Bear & Ragged Staff, Cumnor

Please email to book on
& give your menu choices 


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NEW for the September Term 2017

HIT Pilates - Thursdays 18:15pm @ TLA Studio

HIT Pilates is an energy backed session with a fusion of high intensity training and Pilates. It is a fun and different way to develop stamina, cardio and strength in a group training environment. HIT Pilates will be led by Pollyanna and was formerly Core Strength run by Tom. Interest for this class has been developing over the past few weeks and we are expecting a full class. We will be operating HIT Pilates throughout the school terms with a likely extension that we will be continuing throughout the school holidays also. For all information, please email

September Courses Timetable

Please click on the course title below to view further details on the TLA Fitness Timetable

Pure Pilates starts on Monday 4th September 9:30am @ Sunningwell Village Hall

School Run Bootcamps start on Tuesday 5th September 9:30am @ Wootton & Dry Sandford Community Centre (outdoors) and Thursday 7th September 9:30am @ Sunningwell Village Hall (outdoors)

20:20:20 starts on Wednesday 6th September 9:45am @ TLA Studio

Vinyasa Yoga starts on Wednesday 6th September 19:30pm @ TLA Studio

HIT Pilates (NEW) starts on Thursday 7th September 18:15pm @ TLA Studio

Astanga Yoga starts on Friday 8th September 9:30am @ TLA Studio

TLA Strength Course remain every Saturday 9:15am @ TLA Studio

For further information and to book onto any of the above courses, please email


The Water Sports Day will be on SUNDAY 20th AUGUST @ Queensford Lake, Berinsfield OX10 7PQ

A reminder that watersports are from 10am - 1pm to be booked via Steve on 07979 520083

Bring your own picnics.

Families, friends and children all welcome!


A reminder that TLA's Family Summer Bootcamps have started.

There are 5 more remaining in August, every Wednesday morning 10am @ TLA Studio

(Dates: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th August)

Please email to book on.

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'8 overnight hours of mud and obstacles so tough, so extreme, you'll be trying to remind yourself why you signed up in the first place. Toughest Mudder is the overnight obstacle course designed to push you to your limits. 

We're taking all the mind-numbing terrain, icy water and thick mud that Belvoir Castle has to offer and jamming it into the most intense 5-miles you will come across in 2017. Don't worry about being out there in the early hours of the morning, just concentrate on navigating through a course intent on separating the tough from the toughest' -

'That seems like a good idea, shall we do it? - yeah, why not!' - these were the words we were wondering if we were going to regret when my friend and I signed up for Europe's Toughest Mudder - a new race in the Tough Mudder series, starting at midnight, ending at 8am the following morning - you have 8 hours go go round the 5 mile course as many times as you can. Sounded like great fun!

The format is simple, you have a 5 mile course with around 20 obstacles that get opened up through the night, you can come back into the 'pit area' at the end of each lap to refuel, rest, change or whatever you need before heading out again. Rinse and repeat through the night.

I have done obstacle races in the past, in the depths of Winter, so thought that this couldn't be too bad. We researched kit, training, nutrition and came into the race feeling pretty prepared and with a goal distance in mind. Training had gone well, weights, bodyweight, high intensity circuits, sprints, running and a ton of pull ups - lots and lots of pull ups!



Carbo loading started 3 days out with a nutrition plan provided by Helen Money Nutrition and this stood us in good stead throughout the whole race - never once did we feel energy levels dropping or the dreaded 'wall'.

Initially I had been quite worried about the whole starting at midnight and being up all night thing, as I don't do very well being tired, but the atmosphere was more than enough to keep us wide awake. The start was very exciting, around 700 competitors, head torches and strobes shining all waiting for the off, but not before the rousing pre-race talk which got everyone going. Midnight on the dot and we all head off on the first 'sprint lap' - minimal obstacles open apart from the ditches, and mud pits - this is designed to thin the field out and spread everyone out - this worked brilliantly, because throughout the whole race, we didn't queue once.

The obstacles range from the mad (plunging into a container full of icy water - topped up regularly with ice cubes) - this is fun for the third time at 3 in the morning!! - to the ridiculous - trying to feed a metal pole through a hole to collect a band without touching the sides otherwise you receive a hefty jolt of electricity (this happened to me more than once!!!).

A lot of climbing over things and up things, this is where the pull ups came into their own, not once did my upper body strength fail me. Only one obstacle got the better of me and that was one where you have to jump out into space (around 4 metres up) - grab a trapeze type of handle, swing out over the water to grab a rope and shimmy down - I have to admit I am very scared of heights and couldn't make the jump! - I had to scramble down into the water and swim across, then run the obligatory penalty lap carrying a sandbag - definitely something I need to work on!

Our only low point was on our 3rd lap, around 3-5 in the morning, muscles started to seize up and cramp, we had to walk and then got cold - but after a bit of time in the pit area, clean dry clothes and a good stretch, we went out on our fourth and last lap and had a flyer - finishing on a real high.

We managed 20 miles but had hoped for 25. The thing that let us down was a lack of long runs - something we will make sure doesn't happen next time - yes, that is right, next time - we are already signed up :-).

It was an amazing event - running through the night, in the dark and then the dawn arriving was incredible - strangely the time actually flew by and I can't wait for next year.


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