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Ultra-Fit - Battle Strength

Ultra-Fit - Battle Strength

NEW to TLA Starting Saturday 5th January 2019, 0830 @ TLA Studio
UF - Battle Strength is exactly what it says on the label, it's arguably one of the hardest workouts you can go through. Hand on heart, we will tell you that it's not for everyone but those who do take part in Battle Strength will gain the instant reward, adrenalin, the rush of endorphins and the team camaraderie. Battle Strength has been developed by Tom Alden & Jim Thorne who are both former Royal Marines and both have extensive knowledge of the physical fitness world and just how conditioned you become with Battle Strength.

We understand that mental strength is just as important as physical strength to unlock peoples potential and chances of success. The only way to find out about Battle Strengthis to come and give it a go. You will require the willingness to commit physically and mentally and to not be carrying any injuries. Battle Strength will always be held outdoors at our TLA Fitness facility in Sunningwell with each and every session being different to the next. So.......why wait?!
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Class Details

Class Date Saturday 19 January 2019 8:30 am
Class End Date Saturday 19 January 2019 9:30 am
Capacity 12
Available spaces 12
Individual Price TBC
TLA Studio
TLA Studio
TLA Studio
£10.00 12

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