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Yoga Classes


What is Yoga?
The physical discipline of yoga is the practice of synchronising body and mind through movement, posture, breath and attention. Many people in the mainstream fitness world see yoga as something that weird, religious hippie-types do which involves a lot of heavy breathing, some contortion and mainly lying down.
While we can’t promise that there aren’t yoga classes out there that fit this description, try a yoga class at TLA Fitness and you’ll see that our approach is much more down-to-earth and straight-forward.
Why Come To Yoga?
Everyone and anyone, of any body type or level of fitness can practise and benefit from yoga.
Beginners and those who can’t touch their toes are always welcome at TLA yoga classes. More than just stretching, it is a form of exercise capable of delivering a remarkable range of benefits, including increased flexibility, improved muscle tone and strength and enhanced digestion and circulation. It is also ideal for cross-training and injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Just ask many of the top athletes and sports teams today, many of whom are now including yoga in their training schedule. But these physical results are not the main goal or the only benefits of yoga.
By aligning breath awareness, physical movement and mental focus in a yoga practice, the mind can also be transformed. Yoga has been shown to help relieve depression and anxiety, improve sleep quality, lower stress levels and increase energy levels and concentration. In the increasingly demanding lifestyles that many of us lead, yoga is a way to regain and cultivate balance and tranquillity. And for sportspeople, the value of this kind of mental fitness is obvious.
What Style of Yoga?
Dynamic Yoga combines precision and alignment in postures with fluidity and continuity of movement linking postures. This style of yoga promotes both cardiovascular and muscular stamina as well as flexibility developed gradually and safely.
On a deeper level it cultivates sensitivity, balance and presence of mind resulting in a wonderful state of alert relaxation, which, with time and practice, will begin to infuse other areas of your life.
Relaxation and Mindfulness
Relaxation and mindfulness are important parts of a well-rounded yoga practice and are incorporated into each class. In each yoga class you are given the opportunity to explore a calm and steady place within your own mind that with practise you can access more and more in your day-to-day life.

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